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Nathan SimmondsDigital

I am a web developer and Drupal specialist based in Brighton, UK.

In addition to freelance Drupal development and consulting, I also build first-class websites. I offer a range of digital services including web design, site building & E-commerce, digital marketing, web hosting and technical support.

Nathan Simmonds Digital

Design & Build

Today’s business owners need to be in full control of their website. That’s why I create sites with a modern, open-source content management system such as Drupal or WordPress.

Combined with an intuitive design, the power of a modern CMS allows us to create a website or online shop that’s easy to manage while keeping your users entertained and engaged.

Nathan Simmonds Digital

Hosting & Support

You have your website, but how do people get to it? How the web works is a mystery for many people, most of whom simply want the technology to work.

I take the pain out of the web by handling all of the technical details. Not only that, I can offer ongoing support to ensure everything runs smoothly—forever.

Nathan Simmonds Digital

Experienced Freelancer

I worked for over seven years at Precedent, a Top 20 UK digital agency. While there I collaborated on many interesting and varied projects, such as The Wildlife Trusts, Anthony Nolan, Parkinson's UK and Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Having now left the agency life, I am looking for new opportunities to work on exciting projects. If you need an experienced Drupal developer to work on a project with your team, check out my credentials and then get in touch.

Client Focus

It's all about you

Increased Success

Having worked at a top 20 UK digital agency for almost a decade, with organisations such as The Wildlife Trusts, Anthony Nolan, Parkinson's UK and Moorfields Eye Hospital, I know a thing or two about what makes a website successful.

There's more to it than flashy designs and keywords—understanding your business is paramount. We work together to develop your digital strategy and build a website that makes the best use of your channels: web, mobile, social media—we'll cover them all.

How we'll make it happen

From the very beginning I work closely to understand your business, tailoring a plan to suit your needs and budget. Through my network of carefully selected partners I can provide the assurance that your project will have the expertise it requires. Plus, you're in the loop every step of the way, so you always know what's going on.


We start by getting together to discuss the project aims and what you expect from the work.  Next we agree how we'll measure success, and then plan the next steps.


Research characterises this part of the process, leading us to the best approach in respect to your goals. We define the scope, catalogue your requirements, and build the project strategy.


Time to get creative. Using what we have learned, we now begin defining the solution, testing ideas and designs, ensuring that each feature has a purpose in alignment with the project objectives.


Now we flesh out the solution, setting up the content management system and building any bespoke features. Thorough testing and consistent feedback ensures it is shaping up as you expect.


Once ready I will show you how it works, and can even offer assistance with content entry if required. Continued testing ensures everything proceeds smoothly, all the way up to the big launch.


You'll be fully supported after launch too. A variety of hosting and support packages are available to help keep your site in top condition, optimised for search, and ahead of the competition.

Solid Expertise

What's on offer

Agency Quality

Website Design & Build

Building exciting brands and engaging web solutions

Mobile Apps

Custom apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry

Digital Marketing

Getting in front of your audience with SEO and multi-channel marketing

Hosting & Support

High performance hosting, technical expertise, and support when you need it

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Nathan Simmonds Digital Limited

Tel: +44 (0)7894 238122

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